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7 themed bars in Benidorm and where to find them

Themed bars in Benidorm offer unique sensations, attracting visitors with their distinctive atmosphere. These places often stand out for their specific décor, which reflects the chosen theme, creating a unique atmosphere. Themed entertainment, which can include live performances, quizzes and themed nights, adds an extra touch to the experience. Speciality cocktails designed to complement the theme and staff dressed to match the ambience add to the authenticity of the venue.

Club Phillippines 10.
Club Phillippines 10.

The chance to meet people with similar interests and special events related to the theme make for a social and entertaining experience. In addition, some themed bars offer food menus along the same lines, providing a complete and unique experience in Benidorm’s lively nightlife scene.

Best themed bars in Benidorm

Immerse yourself in unrivalled entertainment experiences and experience nights out in lively themed bars. A wide range of entertainment, from exciting concerts and live shows to the excitement of sporting events on giant screens. Enjoy pleasant moments in the sun on spacious terraces while savouring delicious snacks. These themed bars add a unique touch to every visit, creating unforgettable memories. Explore the international cocktail and drink menus, designed to surprise you. Want to know which are the best in town? Here they are!

Club Phillippines 10

Discover the elegance that awaits in the meticulously designed basement of the Hotel Presidente. Immerse yourself in an ambience that fuses the exquisite Art Deco décor of the 1920s with a retro touch from the 1970s, the era of the hotel’s construction. Every corner has been carefully crafted to offer the best nights out in Benidorm, backed up by spectacular service.

Club Phillippines 10.
Club Phillippines 10.

Get to know the unique amalgam of styles and eras that intertwine in this place, where every detail contributes to an unparalleled nightlife experience. Experience sophistication in every corner of this unique space.

Surprise Attack

Take a trip back to the 1940s at Surprise Attack. This bar, unique in Benidorm, awaits you with a complete Pin-Up atmosphere and a navy style you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy exciting sporting events on the big screens and discover an amazing menu of international drinks and cocktails – immerse yourself in this unique experience that combines nostalgia, entertainment and an exceptional selection of drinks in a fascinating setting!

The Explorer’s Club

    Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the exceptional club in Benidorm, designed for the more intrepid spirits. Enjoy a unique experience in an atmosphere that recreates the era of the great discoveries, whether it’s having a drink on the Orient Express or in the palaces of Old Bombay.

    The Explorer’s Club
    The Explorer’s Club

    This place invites you to immerse yourself in a journey through bygone eras, offering memorable moments in iconic locations. If you’re looking for adventure, this club in Benidorm is the perfect destination.

    Riviera Music Lounge

    Immerse yourself in the unique experience of this pub at the Riviera Beachotel. Come and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with a style reminiscent of New York jazz clubs. The immersive music will transport you to another level of excitement. This venue stands out for offering some of the best shows, concerts and performances in the city, guaranteeing top-notch entertainment. The fusion of inspiring design and quality programming makes this pub a must-visit destination for music lovers.

    Bar Hotel California

    Come and enjoy a beach atmosphere with authentic American flair at one of Benidorm’s best bars, Bar Hotel California. Inspired by iconic places like Malibu, this establishment stands out for its great terrace, equipped with a giant screen to enjoy live sports.

    Bar Hotel California.
    Bar Hotel California.

    Western Saloon

    A different kind of night at the Western Saloon is waiting for you. Where you will be transported to the Wild West. Enjoy the authentic experience of feeling like a cowboy immersed in a genuine film, thanks to the meticulous decoration full of details. In this establishment, you will not only be immersed in the atmosphere of the West, but you will also be able to witness the best country music and American rock and roll shows.

    Morgan Tavern

    Since becoming the Neptunes Bar in the popular Benidorm series, this place has established itself as one of the city’s most prominent bars and premier cabaret club.

    Morgan Tavern.
    Morgan Tavern.

    Its fascinating history, together with the presence of an authentic pirate ship and its pirate and sailor style setting, have elevated it to the status of one of Benidorm’s most iconic spots.

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