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How to get to Benidorm

Although the temperatures are not very high yet, surely you are already planning your vacations, not only the summer ones, but also some short breaks. There are many options available to you, but few are as attractive as the Costa Blanca. If you finally choose this destination and specifically its best-known town, you will surely be interested in knowing how to get to Benidorm. In the following lines we show you the different options you have.

How to get to Benidorm quickly and easily?

If to the question of how to get to Benidorm we say that by land, sea and air we do not lie. Undoubtedly, it is possible to reach this town by road using different means of communication.

By road, you can reach the city by car or coach directly. Another option to arrive by land is the train that leaves you in nearby Alicante, although you can then take the TRAM to the city. By air, you have a direct flight to Alicante from the main Spanish cities and also from many outside our borders. While you can get to the area by boat from different origins. As you can see, getting to Benidorm is easy and in most cases fast.

Apart from the boat, other means of transport are widely used to reach this town on the Costa Blanca. Do not forget that it is the first tourist destination in the area and it is important that it has good access.

Getting to Benidorm by car, train or coach

If you arrive by car from the north or the center of the peninsula, at some point you will have to take the A3 and then the A31. Then, you can connect with the town through the AP7 or the National Highway 332. If you come from Catalonia and the northern part of the Valencian Community, you can directly use the AP7 to get there. From other areas of the peninsula, it is also easy to get there by car and it will depend on the distance and the budget if it is the best means of transport.

The car, moreover, is the perfect option to explore the entire area of ​​Benidorm. As can be the beaches that surround it and the Serra Gelada Natural Park.

The AVE high-speed train connects Alicante with different Spanish cities and it is expected that similar options will exist in the coming years, but at a considerably lower cost. It will be when some low cost high speed companies can offer this service.

You can also get to Alicante by train from other Spanish cities, but not high-speed. In any case, then you will have to get to Benidorm from the capital. In the case of AVE tickets, the price includes travel by TRAM to Benidorm central station.

Traveling to Benidorm by coach is another of your options. The city is connected by this means of transport with different cities and although it is not as comfortable as the train, the truth is that it has a more affordable price.

Getting to Benidorm by plane

As you well know, Benidorm does not have an airport, but the nearby Alicante does. Of course, it must be clarified that El Altet Airport is located 8 kilometers from Alicante, in Elche, although 10 kilometers from its urban area.

The distance between Benidorm and the airport is just under 40 minutes by car and more than an hour if you take the bus. In any case, it is usually the fastest option to get to the tourist capital of the Costa Blanca.

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Getting to Benidorm by boat

Although it is the least frequent option, you can also get to the area by boat. The usual thing is that this means of transport is used if you live in the nearby Balearic Islands, thanks to the ferry services that reach the ports of some neighboring towns, such as Denia.

What is the best way to get to Benidorm?

The best way to get to Benidorm is undoubtedly the one that is most comfortable for you. It is true that the plane is usually the fastest way, but if you do not live too far away, perhaps the car or the train. Taking into account that you must arrive at the airport beforehand to check in your luggage and then you have to get to Benidorm

If the car is occupied by four or five people, it will undoubtedly be the cheapest option, if one or two people travel, it may be better to find a cheap flight or bet on the coach.

As for comfort, perhaps the first option is the plane because of its speed, but for some people the car may be even more so. The reason is that it takes you directly to your destination and not to Alicante, so you forget to find another means of transportation.

The train is also both comfortable and fast, in some cases even faster than the plane, since, as we have mentioned, it is not necessary to go to the station as far in advance as to the airport or to check in your luggage.

Now that you know how to get to Benidorm, choose the best option for you, but don’t forget to visit this city full of attractions.

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