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10 Benidorm festivities that you’ll love

The city of Benidorm is known for its golden sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and numerous fiestas and celebrations throughout the year. Here’s a list of some of the Benidorm festivities, festivals and other celebrations that take place in the city.

Playa de Levante en Benidorm.

Fiestas Mayores Patronales

The Fiestas Mayores Patronales are held in honour of the Virgen del Sufragio, the patron saint of Benidorm. These fiestas take place during the second and third week of November and last for around ten days. During the festivities, there are a host of events taking place throughout the town, including religious processions, music and dance performances, parades of floats… And much more!

Fiestas de San Jaime

The Fiestas de San Jaime are held in honour of San Jaime, the patron saint of Benidorm. These fiestas take place during the last weekend of July and the first week of August. During the festivities, there are many events taking place in the town. There are also numerous stalls for visitors to enjoy the local gastronomy.

Fiestas de la Cala

The Fiestas de la Cala are held on the beach of La Cala de Finestrat during the first week of July. During the festivities, there are a lot of events taking place on the beach, such as concerts, musical and dance performances, sports competitions, games for children and much more.

Fiestas de la Cruz

The Fiestas de la Cruz are celebrated during the first weekend of May in honour of the Cruz de Mayo. During the festivities, a religious procession takes place in which the May Cross is carried through the streets of Benidorm. There are also many live music and dance events, children’s games and exhibitions, and every street in town joins in the festivities!

Fiestas de San Antonio

The Fiestas de San Antonio are held in honour of San Antonio Abad and take place during the third weekend in January. During the festivities, there are a host of activities taking place in the town, such as religious processions, animal blessings, exhibitions, musical and dance performances and much more. There are also numerous food and drink stalls in the street for visitors to enjoy traditional gastronomy.

Fiestas de la Creueta

The Fiestas de la Creueta are held in the Creueta neighbourhood during the second week of August. During the festivities, there are many activities for visitors, such as children’s games and fireworks displays.

Noche en Benidorm.

Habaneras Festival

The Habaneras Festival is a musical event that takes place in Benidorm during the month of July. This festival is a celebration of traditional music from Cuba and Spain, with live performances by choirs and music groups. In addition, there are many complementary activities, such as art and cultural exhibitions, workshops and food and drink tastings.

Benidorm International Festival

The Benidorm International Festival is a pop music event held in the town during the month of August. During the festival, there are numerous live concerts by artists from all over the world, as well as dance performances and other entertainment events. This festival has evolved over the years and has been known as Benidorm Fest since 2022. Its fame comes from being a Eurovision qualifying event.

July Fair

The July fair is held throughout the month of July in Benidorm. During the fair, there are a host of events and activities for visitors, such as musical performances, children’s games, craft and local produce fairs, food and drink tastings, as well as other cultural and entertainment events.

Benidorm Carnival

Benidorm Carnival is the classic costume celebration held once a year in Benidorm during the month of February. During the carnival, the whole of Benidorm is filled with colour.

Fiestas patronales en Benidorm.

These are just some of the celebrations, festivals and other festivities that take place in Benidorm throughout the year. The town is known for its vibrant nightlife and for offering numerous entertainment options for its visitors. Undoubtedly, these festivals and celebrations add even more appeal to the city and make the experience of visiting Benidorm unique and unforgettable… And even more so if you enjoy them at Benidorm Hotels!

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