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Benidorm in winter, the quieter side of the city

When we think of Benidorm, our minds are likely to go straight to images of sunny beaches, bustling beach bars and vibrant nights. However, there’s a quieter, more serene side to this seaside town that flourishes even more in the winter. What’s Benidorm like in winter?

Panorámica de Benidorm en invierno.
Panoramic view of Benidorm in winter.

Winter in Benidorm

During the low season, Benidorm is transformed into a haven of peace and tranquillity, offering visitors a completely different experience. The beaches, which in summer are crowded with umbrellas and sunbathers, become wide, uncrowded stretches of sand, ideal for relaxing strolls by the sea. The gentle winter breeze and the soft sound of the waves create a serene atmosphere that invites contemplation and relaxation.

The picturesque corners of Benidorm’s old town, with its narrow cobbled streets and charming squares, become even more enchanting in winter. The local restaurants and cafés offer authentic Mediterranean cuisine without the crowds typical of the high season. Enjoying a paella or a tapa accompanied by a good local wine becomes a more intimate and personal experience.

The Sierra Helada mountain range, which surrounds Benidorm, offers unique opportunities for nature lovers. Hiking routes become more accessible and less crowded, allowing hikers to explore the natural beauty of the area in a peaceful environment. The panoramic views from the top of the mountain range are breathtaking, providing a unique perspective of the city and the sea.

The nightlife in Benidorm during the winter also has its own charm. The local bars and pubs become cosy places, ideal for socialising and enjoying music in a more relaxed atmosphere. Live shows and cultural events become more intimate, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local arts scene in a more authentic way.

In short, Benidorm in winter reveals its quieter and more authentic side, away from the tourist hustle and bustle. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the serenity of its beaches, explore its charming historic corners and immerse yourself in the local culture without the crowds typical of the high season. Are you coming to discover the winter magic of Benidorm?

Playa de Levante en invierno.
Levante beach in winter.

9 things to see in Benidorm in winter

  1. Hiking in the Sierra Helada: Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to go hiking in the Sierra Helada. The panoramic views from the top are breathtaking, and the wintry atmosphere adds a special touch to the experience.
  2. Stroll along the Levante Beach: Although you may not be thinking of sunbathing, a leisurely stroll along the beach will allow you to enjoy the sea breeze and relaxing views of the sea.
  3. Visit the winter markets: Explore the local markets that are usually set up in winter. You can find local produce, handicrafts and unique gifts.
  4. Gastronomy: Indulge in the local gastronomy. Benidorm’s restaurants offer comforting dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Try a hot paella or a delicious fish stew.
  5. Live shows and performances: Many venues and theatres offer live performances during the low season. From live music to theatrical performances, there is something for everyone.
  6. Visit Elche Park: This urban park is a peaceful place to enjoy even in winter. Stroll among the trees and greenery, and maybe even enjoy a picnic if the weather permits.
  7. Illuminated Old Town Tour: Benidorm comes alive at night, especially during the winter festivities. Take a tour of the illuminated old town and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  8. Winter water sports: Although it may not be the typical season for water activities, some places offer winter-friendly water sports such as kayaking.
  9. Visit Benidorm Island: Take advantage of the low season to take a trip to Benidorm Island. You can take a boat and enjoy the tranquillity of this destination, known for its crystal clear waters and natural beauty.
Plan en invierno por Benidorm.
Winter plan for Benidorm.

Whether it’s enjoying nature, exploring the cultural scene or savouring the delicious local cuisine, Benidorm has a lot to offer during the winter – plan an amazing winter holiday at Hoteles Benidorm!

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