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Low cost plans in Benidorm     

Do you still have a few days of vacation left? Well, don’t think twice and come to Benidorm, one of the most important tourist cities in the entire national territory. In it you will find sun, fun and the possibility of enjoying yourself, with your partner, with your friends or with your family without spending a lot of money. We explain what are the cheap plans in Benidorm suitable for all audiences.

10 Cheap plans in Benidorm that you can´t miss.

We are going to show you 10 cheap plans in Benidorm that you cannot miss, no matter what your budget is. In addition, some are perfect to do alone or as a couple, others to enjoy with friends and there are even some for the whole family to have a great time.

1.    Enjoy its beaches and coves

If you have a swimsuit, a towel and some flip-flops, you already have all the necessary equipment to enjoy a day of sun, sand and sea. Specifically, in Benidorm there are five places where you can enjoy this great plan: Levante beach, Poniente beach, Mal Pas beach, Tio Ximo cove and L’Almadrava cove.

2.    Enjoy hiking

There are some perfect routes to enjoy a pleasant walk or bike ride with spectacular views. One of the most recommended is the one that runs through the Sierra Helada (in Valencian Serra Gelada). It is not necessary to use the car to get there, as it is very close to our hotels. It is surprising to go in a few minutes from being between the blocks of flats to such a natural environment, by the sea, with amazing cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea in the background. In addition, there are some coves that can be accessed and that improve the experience.

3.    Stroll through the old town

The old town of Benidorm is not to be missed. It is full of life and it is a good place to find shade and a cool place. In addition, there are some souvenir shops where, for very little, you can take home a souvenir of your time in the best-known Mediterranean city.

4.    Go to the viewpoint in the center

In the past there was a castle in what is now the viewpoint of the center of Benidorm. From there you could see the ships that arrived at the coast with bad intentions and thus stop their advance. This location, where the Balcón del Mediterráneo viewpoint is now located, is perfect for enjoying an incredible sunset or the immensity of the sea.

5.    Visit the other viewpoints

If this viewpoint has not been enough for you, there are more viewpoints to which you can go up for a pleasant walk or by car. For example, there is the viewpoint of La Cruz or the Hermitage of the Virgin. De la Cruz is especially recommended, especially just before sunset, when all the lights come on, but it is not yet night.

Planes baratos y miradores en Benidorm.
Benidorm viewpoint “La cruz”.

6.    Climb the Bali

For little money you can climb to the top of one of the most emblematic skyscrapers in the city. It is a 52-story hotel that you can enter without having to be a guest. The price is around 5 euros and it is worth it, especially for going up in the glass elevator.

7.    Enjoy gastronomy

In Benidorm you can spend a lot of money eating in restaurants of the highest level or enjoy typical dishes, full of flavor, for a more than affordable price. For example, have you tried a delicious cone of fried fish or a grill of vegetables from the garden? They are delicious.

8.   Water sports

From diving to taking a jet ski. The possibilities in Benidorm are endless when it comes to water sports. You can go to any of the information points on the beaches and ask about the activities and prices. Among the most popular options is snorkeling or scuba diving in an area known by the instructors, such as the island of Benidorm.

9.    Markets

In Benidorm there are some interesting markets. On different dates, some related to crafts, clothing or gastronomy are developed. Booths are set up where you can see and buy everything you want. But there is no need to wait to enjoy the most authentic of all. On Wednesdays it takes place in the Foietes market. Here you can buy local food or typical products of the region. If it is a holiday, it will be brought forward to Tuesday.

10.  Excursions

From Benidorm you can reach other interesting areas by car or public transport. For example, you can enjoy the Fonts of Algar, located 3 km from the center of Callosa de En Sarriá. You can also take a walk through Altea or Villajoyosa and visit its chocolate museum.

Fuentes del Algar es un plan barato en Benidorm.
Font of Algar close to Benidorm.

All these cheap plans in Benidorm are within your reach for very little money. You just have to look for accommodation in one of the hotels of the Hoteles Benidorm chain and ask our employees. They will tell you how to get there or what are the best days and times to enjoy these activities.

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