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Low environmental impact measures

Hotel Ambassador

At Hotel Ambassador we are committed to respect the environment in order to improve our surroundings and the future of our planet. We want to leave a better world for future generations and that is why at the Hotel Riviera we have implemented a series of measures to minimise our environmental impact:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels to produce light.
  • Lighting with LED technology bulbs throughout the hotel.
  • Presence detectors in corridors to control lighting.
  • Centralized management of air conditioning temperatures throughout the building.
  • Hotel automation to control electricity consumption and detect faults or excesses.
  • Purchase of food from km0 or local.
  • Waste management: separation of waste into glass, cardboard, organic and packaging, as well as the installation of waste bins in communal areas.
  • Sustainable building: orientation of rooms to achieve maximum number of daylight hours.
  • Efficient construction: Insulation of rooms to avoid heat or cold losses and save on air conditioning costs.
  • Taps with cold start system in the bathrooms of the rooms. Boilers are only activated if necessary.
  • Cisterns with double flushing system according to need.
  • Water pre-heating systems to save energy in boilers.

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