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Mountain sports in Benidorm, where to start?

In Benidorm’s glittering landscape, where waves caress the coastline and lights dance in the night, lies a lesser-known secret: the mountains that rise majestically on its horizon. Beyond the sandy beaches and bustling boulevards, the peaks roar with opportunities for adventurous explorers. Mountain sports in Benidorm? Of course it’s possible! Here are our top recommendations.

In Benidorm, mountain sports are more than just an activity; they’re a celebration of life in its purest and wildest form.

Benidorm desde las alturas.
Benidorm from the heights.

Benidorm and mountain sports

Benidorm, known for its bustling coastal life, also harbours a world of possibilities in its surrounding mountains. From the heights of the Sierra de Aitana to the meandering trails of the Serra Gelada, the region is brimming with opportunities for those seeking adventure in the heights. Here, in this enclave where land and sea embrace, hikers can lose themselves in hidden paths, discovering breathtaking views and nooks and crannies that whisper stories of ancient times.

The mountains that embrace Benidorm not only witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets, but also offer a challenging setting for alpine sports. Climbers challenge the rock walls that stand as nature’s guardians, finding their own way to the top in a dance of skill and determination. The Costa Blanca is famous for its world-class rock climbing routes. Places like Sierra de Toix, Sella and Puig Campana are popular destinations for climbers of all levels.

Puig Campana.
Puig Campana.

In ravines carved by the force of water, adventurers plunge into the darkness. Sliding down waterfalls and exploring the heart of the earth itself. Canyoning is another thrilling activity you can enjoy near Benidorm. Canyoning is a unique experience that allows you to explore nature in a different way.

Meanwhile, mountain bikers take to the winding trails, crossing forests and ridges with the Mediterranean breeze as a constant companion. Mountain bikers will find a variety of trails and paths to explore around Benidorm. From gentle routes for beginners to more technical trails for experienced cyclists, there are options for all levels.

From hiking to rock climbing, canyoning to mountain biking, there is something to suit the desires of nature lovers and thrill seekers alike. The mountains that tower above the city are much more than majestic landscapes; they are a canvas for exploration and discovery.

Ciclismo por Benidorm.
Cycling in Benidorm.

Mountain hiking in and around Benidorm

For hiking enthusiasts, there are numerous routes that wind through the mountains, revealing panoramic views that will take your breath away. The Sierra de Aitana mountain range and the Serra Gelada Natural Park are just two of the destinations offering trails to explore. Every step takes you closer to the unspoilt nature that surrounds Benidorm, with its rugged peaks and lush vegetation.

Senderismo por Benidorm.
Hiking in Benidorm.

Among the outstanding hiking routes, La Cruz de Benidorm stands as a local landmark and an accessible 5-kilometre round trip trail, offering panoramic views from the Sierra Helada mountain range. Alt del Governador, with its 10 kilometres and 700 metres of elevation gain, challenges the most experienced hikers with cliffs and breathtaking views.

The three-and-a-half kilometre Torre de les Caletes circular route takes visitors to the old coastal watchtower, while the Sierra de Orxeta, in the nearby town, offers an 8 kilometre route with a gradient of over 500 metres.

However, Puig Campana stands out as one of the most challenging routes. With 16 kilometres, a drop of more than 1,300 metres and a duration of more than 7 hours. This route is only for experienced and physically fit hikers, who should be properly prepared with equipment, water and sun protection.

These hiking routes in and around Benidorm offer opportunities to explore nature and local history, from short walks with panoramic views to challenging ascents of the surrounding mountains.

In conclusion, Benidorm is much more than beaches and nightlife. Its mountains offer a stunning backdrop for a variety of mountain sports, from hiking and rock climbing to canyoning and mountain biking. It’s a destination that appeals to adventurers looking to explore nature in its purest and most challenging form. So next time you visit Benidorm, don’t forget to look beyond the sea and discover the wonders that await in the heights.

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