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Low environmental impact measures

Hotel Presidente

One of the aims of the Hotel Presidente is to leave a better world for our children and the next generations.

We respect the environment and our society and we strive to make it a better world. We believe that more than words, our commitment is demonstrated by deeds: these are the low environmental impact measures carried out at Hotel Presidente:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels for obtaining electricity.
  • Lighting with LED technology bulbs throughout the hotel.
  • Presence detectors in corridors to control lighting.
  • Chargers for electric cars with free charging to promote environmentally friendly transport.
  • Centralised management of air conditioning temperatures throughout the building.
  • Domotisation of the building to control electricity consumption and detect faults or excesses.
  • Purchase of food from km0 or local markets.
  • Waste management: separation of waste into glass, cardboard, organic waste and packaging, as well as the installation of litter bins in communal areas.
  • Sustainable building: orientation of rooms to achieve maximum number of daylight hours.
  • Efficient construction: Insulation of rooms to avoid heat or cold losses and save on air conditioning costs.
  • Chlorine-free pools: we use a hydrolysis system for disinfection and avoid the use of chemical products.
  • Water savers on the taps and showers in the rooms.
  • Taps with cold start system in the bathrooms of the rooms. Boilers are only activated if they are necessary.
    Cisterns with double flushing system according to need.
  • Taps in common areas and kitchen with automatic start/stop system.
    Water pre-heating systems to save energy in boilers.
  • Small orchard and fruit trees in the gardens.
  • Natural vertical gardens, green areas in swimming pools to minimise the CO2 footprint.